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Private Equity Investing

Clarendon Capital, LLC is actively seeking middle market investment opportunities based in North America. Clarendon (including predecessors) has made twelve investments to date connected to the transportation, logistics and distribution market space, making us one of the most active investors in the space. Several of our investments have become established leaders in their niche sectors.

We seek investments headquartered in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and operations can have a multi-national or global scope. We look for fast growing companies that are established segment leaders and companies that have great potential to substantially improve performance. We have a successful investment track record achieving substantial value creation for owners, management teams and investors.

We select investment opportunities that leverage our experience and relationships which can produce meaningful value-add and superior returns. Our scope includes a diverse range of opportunities connected to the transportation, distribution and logistics space. Clarendon takes a full life cycle approach to developing an opportunity from sourcing to transaction development, post-transaction value creation, supporting recapitalization or exit, and facilitating post-exit transition.

Clarendon devotes the time and effort necessary to learn about participating owners’ personal and business objectives and tailors our work to meet those specific needs and the most efficient financing strategy to achieve those objectives. Our unique approach coupled with our transportation, distribution and logistics experience and industry contacts give us the flexibility to create the most value for all participants.

Our portfolio companies have achieved noteworthy advances in their revenue and profitability growth organically and through strategic acquisitions. The resulting improvements in market position and revenue growth have resulted in greater returns achieved for our investors and partners.

We provide an exclusive value proposition to our investments, with the capability to provide a flexible capital structure and investment time horizon tailored to the specific needs of the investment, and sizeable value-add capabilities to support the business enterprise under a variety of circumstances where appropriate.

Investment Profile

Clarendon invests in opportunities connected to the transportation, logistics and distribution market space where our capital, expertise and network can create real value-add and improved investment returns. This includes both companies that compete in the myriad of sectors and suppliers to the space. We have made successful investments in companies with industry-leading positions and companies that have solid potential for considerable value creation.

Some other elements of our investments include:

• Companies with enterprise values up to $500 million, and revenues up to $1.0 billion.

• We invest across the capital structure depending on the opportunity, including majority and minority investments.

• We are flexible on our hold periods, tailoring to the specific circumstances of each investment.

• We invest in growth capital investments, recapitalizations, management buyouts, corporate carve-outs, and shareholder buy-outs.