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How We Work

Clarendon is focused on partnering with owners and management teams to build quantifiable value in their business over a mutually agreed timeframe. Our capabilities in the transportation and logistics industry give us a perspective necessary to substantially add value to the organization. We believe our tailored approach increases the total value of the opportunity for participating owners, while substantially reducing the risk to their organizations.

• Develop in-depth understanding of opportunity by leveraging transportation and logistics knowledge and research capabilities

• Tailor engagement and deal structure to leverage unique characteristics and individual goals of participants

• Create incentives that fairly share risk and reward among all principals

• Craft strategy that takes advantage of value creation opportunities unique to transportation sector

• Bring in advisors and management candidates that have expertise specifically tailored to the opportunity

• Support opportunities through their life cycle, including sourcing, transaction development, post-closing value creation, and recapitalization/exit

We partner with owners and management teams to increase the value of their businesses over a target timeframe, investing resources and capital as appropriate. Our proven track record of success has been achieved through working closely with our partners to unlock important value creation.